Rama Festival, Astore

All arrangements are being finalized to organize a five-day Rama event in the heart of Astore district at Rama Valley. According to schedule, chalked out by Tourism Department of Gilgit-Baltistan in collaboration with district administration of Astore the festival will start from September 10 and would continue till Sept 12.
A number of colorful recreational activities have been arranged for the event as district administration and Tourism Department are doing hectic efforts to make the event a successful. Advisor to Chief Minister on Tourism, Sports and Culture Sadia Danish would be chief guest at the inaugural ceremony on Sept 14 while Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah would be chief guest on the concluding and Final day of the event on Sep 18. Menwhile, earlier, the rehabilitation of Attabad affectees was the top priority of the government and in this regard efforts were already being done, said Deputy Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly Jameel Ahmed.
Talking to APP he said the government was well aware of the miseries of Attabad affectees but they should also understand the problems of government as well. He said all the problems of the affectees would soon be resolved but it was not right to breach the law. The Deputy Speaker condemned the Hunza firing incident and appealed the affectees to remain calm and patient.
Tourism festival was expected to start from September 10 at Rama lake, said Assistant Director Tourism Kashif Baig while talking to APP on Saturday. He said the festival usually organized in the month of August but this year it was being celebrated late due to the holy month of Ramadan.
The Assistant Director said a large number of tourist come to the region to attend the festival which depicts the culture, customs, and heritage of Gilgit-Baltistan before the world. He said a number of local as well as national games would be played in the festival including vollyball, football, cricket and hockey. All the expenditures of the event would be bourn by the tourism department of Gilgit-Baltistan, he added. He appealed the masses to cooperate with the tourism department to make the event successful.

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  1. Jatt Panjabi Love, 5 years ago

    I LIKE IT. 

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  2. Abdul Haleem Siddiqui, 4 years ago

    I am shocked to see the huge crowds of people at such an extremely fragile ecosystem of Rama. The authorities and local people must know that the display trophies of endangered species which were endemic to the Rama habitat are near to extinction. This is due to such activities, along with no proper conservation/protection, illegal poaching and hunting all the species are endangered or vulnerable. My young residents and elders of Astore Valley, please WAKE UP!!! This is a WAKE UP call for all of you to protect and conserve the Rama habitat and all wild species– OR YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT

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    • Andul Haleem S., 3 years ago


      Their Negative Environmental Impact on This Extremely Fragile and Vital Ecosystem An Urgent Appeal to Protect Rama from Future Polo Festivals and to Establish an Ecological Plan for Its Future Survival Here is presented a small portion of my article of the same title, which I sent to the relevant authorities, local officials and stakeholders of Gilgit-Baltistan. The article serves to bring awareness to the horrendous environmental impact that the Rama Polo Festivals of 2011 & 2013 had on the extremely fragile and vital ecosystem of the Rama Astore. By raising awareness,
      it is hoped that the polo festivals will be IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUED at Rama for the coming year of 2014. It is urgent that this extremely endangered area will be more conscientiously protected by the responsible authorities and the villagers in the area. This article endeavors to emphasize that the mesmerizing
      lake and sparkling glacier of Rama, along with its flora and fauna, are irreplaceable jewels of our national inheritance and that utmost importance must be given to them and action must be taken for their conservation immediately, before it is too late.


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