Gilgit-Baltistan Unity Gala 2013

A massive effort in GB to unite a multicultural society and promote love and goodwill is underway. FCNA took initiative by organizing a Unity Gala to celebrate the cultural and unique identity of GB and its various regions. The week long Gala all over 7 Districts started today with Skardu in the lime light. The opening ceremony of Unity Gala Baltistan was a fine display of various sports and cultural events… Polo, Football teams from all districts of GB, Food and cultural stall were exhibited in the event. The Commander FCNA inaugurated the opening ceremony of Unity Gala Baltistan at Maqpoon Polo Ground Chief Secretary GB Mr. Sajjad Saleem Hotiana attended as guest of honor. Addressing the audience, The Chief Secretary GB said we have to market GB in the world as a planet within a planet. There is no place in the world even close to it. It is a pristine tourist attraction and the beauty of the mountains and snow clad peaks is on equally matched by the beauty and richness of Baltistani culture and the hospitality of its people. He congratulated 62 Brigade and FCNA and the Civil Administration for the unique event. Similar events took place in other Districts and Chief Secretary will be Chief Guest in Chilas, Astore and Minimurg.


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