Samina Baig from Gilgit Baltistan conquered Mount Everest

Samina Baig with her brother

Miss.Sameena Baig, First Pakistani woman mountaineer with her brother Mr. Mirza Ali hailing from Shimshal Gojal successfully climbed the world’s highest mountain “ MOUNT EVEREST.

This is a historic mountain climbing Expedition to Mt. Everes 2013 with the them of GENDER EQUALITY, in Pakistan`s adventure history,On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Mt.Everest, since its first ascent back in 1953, where hundreds of renowned mountaineers around the world celebrating this mega event of Mt.Everest, two Pakistani brother & sister carrying the green national flag to be part of this grand event. Samina Baig and Mirza Ali from Shimshal village located at the up part of Hunza valley of Gilgit- Baltistan went to represent our beloved country Pakistan in this event. Sameena Baig & Mirza Ali the famous young Pakistani climber achieved this milestone by scaling the world’s highest mountain. On May 19,2013 at 7:40 AM local time. Sameena Baig become the first woman mountaineer, while Mirza Ali the third and youngest Pakistani male to have the honor of raising national green flag on the top of the world’s highest point. The expedition starts from 1st April 2013 until 3rd June 2013. The team has attempted the mountain via the south face from Nepalese side. The expedition has booked with famous M/s Seven Summit a best Nepali tour operator. The expedition is privately sponsored by Mirza & Samina’s Kiwi friends & younggrasshopper.

Samina Baig and her brother climbing Everest. PHOTO: Pakyouthoutreach

Samina Baig and her brother climbing Everest. PHOTO: Pakyouthoutreach

From Mirza Ali’s blog

“Once at base camp, we will begin our acclimatization trips. This involves climbing to Camp 1, staying the night, then returning to base camp to rest, then climbing to Camp 1 and staying the night and climbing on to Camp 2 and staying the night, before returning to base camp and so on up to Camp 3.

Once our acclimatisation trips have finished, and assuming we are  in good health  and super fit physically and mentally, we’ll be ready to try for the summit, which should be mid May. We will wait for a good weather forecast or ‘window’ for the possible summit  attempt.”
Mt.Everest route

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